Great fun in ALCATRAZ and Pirate Ship Room

Great fun in ALCATRAZ and Pirate Ship Room of Philly Room Escape

We came with a group of 9 friends and played both rooms. We had a mix of beginners and people who have played before. We put 4 people in ALCATRAZ (3 of which were beginners). They had a good time solving clues and got out with some 10 minutes to spare. The MYTH room was more difficult, we had 5 people there (with only 1 beginner) and it managed to keep our interest and stump us a few times. With some help, we got our with 2 minutes to spare. The booking was very easy and our host was very helpful, she allowed us to move up our appointment 30 minutes. As someone who enjoys escape games and is playing them all around Belgrade, this game did not disappoint.

Visited July 2016