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8 Interesting Online Room Escape Games

Have you played escape room games online? If you have, you know it can become quite an addiction. These online escape room games are typically run through video-conferencing platforms through which you and your team members can solve various puzzles to find clues in order to “escape”. The escape room games have dynamic storylines and the activities are much recommended for enhancing problem solving and team-building skills. There are even crypto escape games which accept crypto payments ensuring a safe and fun experience. The prominent cryptocurrency that is accepted is Bitcoin. Go through this immediate profit deutschland review to learn how Bitcoin is traded autonomously. So, keep aside the TV remote and wean yourself from Netflix during the pandemic by playing any of these exciting online escape room games:

  1. Sherlock Escape Room: Sherlock is unarguably the most intriguing and interesting detective character around and you would miss out a great deal if you did not try out the Sherlock Escape Room. Your team members will work with you to allow a live actor to escape from your selected escape room as you keep solving clues. The game offers 5 distinct themes for escape rooms and you must have Zoom installed on your computer to get started.
  2. Minecraft Escape Room: This game will put to test your math-solving skills and its videos will keep your kids enamored like never before.
  3. Mystery Escape Room: This game provides many adventurous escape room themes that are sure to keep you and your team on tenterhooks. Every escape room here has a unique theme and the focus is on team-building. Every team has 60 minutes within which to finish their task and you can play the game via any call-conferencing program. You can choose from two adventures; one that is Nancy Drew-inspired and the other superhero-inspired. You can avail of a “live guide” for responding to your questions through conference calls.
  4. Adventures is a Nashville-based online escape room game with 19 global locations, each having re-opened after the pandemic with sanitizing and extra safety measures. However, if you wish to play this game online you can enjoy the live Zoom-based game just as much. It is a 60-minute challenge that offers a live host and guide for helping you out through your journey. Clues are tracked through a digital dashboard which lets you get 360-degree scans of rooms.
  5. Oscar’s Stolen Oscar: This free-to-pay fish mystery is hosted by Baltimore’s National Aquarium. In the game, you can help Oscar, the popular shark in the blockbuster Shark Tale movie, to find the coveted award statuette. You learn about sea creatures in this immersive escape room experience where you can even enjoy a virtual aquarium tour.
  6. Brain Chase: This can be the perfect solution for parents looking to offer both educational and entertainment resources for their children. The education K-12 game provides online escape rooms every week in their extracurricular programs. If you take part in monthly competitions, you can even win $100.
  7. Bank Heist: This is an easy-to-play game that gives immense satisfaction to participants. The game has been designed by Expedition Escape owners and caters to puzzle lovers to keep them engaged until their Pennsylvania escape rooms can reopen again. You get to be a crime syndicate member who has a mission for unlocking a safe. You have only 20 minutes to get the job done by solving the problems presented before you.
  8. The Grimm Escape is one of the leading online escape room games in terms of popularity during this pandemic and had been designed by Puzzle Break based in New York, Washington, and Massachusetts. In the game played through Zoom, you are in the midst of an enchanted forest where you must solve puzzles to escape the witch’s curse.